Work permits The rules for moving to Sweden for work vary depending on your country of citizenship. Common to all workers staying longer than six months in Sweden is that you can bring your family, and that they also receive the right to study or work.


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The website of the Swedish Migration Agency is also in English, read more here. Generally, citizens from countries outside the EU must apply for a work permit to work in Sweden. There are a few exceptions to the rule. Citizens of Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea and Uruguay aged 18–30 can also apply for a working holiday visa (link in Swedish) for up to one year.

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For questions about the entry restrictions to Sweden, contact the Swedish Police on 114 14. 2014-09-24 2021-02-17 Visa and Immigration Service. When hiring employees from other countries, there are many things you as employer need to think about. Applying for correct visa and immigration work permits is the first step for a successful relocation assignment. How to get work permit in Sweden after student Visa. Swedish language is very important to get a job in Sweden and after that it's much easier to get a work Welcome to the special VISA series of SWEDESHI.

The exemption will also apply to seasonal workers employed in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. Swedish border control officials determine the manner in which the exceptions should be interpreted and the decisions that should be taken. For questions about the entry restrictions to Sweden, contact the Swedish Police on 114 14.

Expats who want to work in Sweden should apply for a work permit before they arrive in the country. All non-EU and non-EEA citizens will need a work permit to legally work in Sweden. Work permit applicants will first need to have received an offer of employment from a company in Sweden. The exemption will also apply to seasonal workers employed in agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

New rules for work permit in sweden

After Sweden announced proposals for changes to work permit regulations, there was cautious optimism that the new rules could help improve foreign workers' stability in Sweden, but criticism that a proposed 'talent visa' was not innovative enough.

On February 2, the Swedish Minister for Justice and Migration The existing work permit legislation, introduced in 2008, has been partly  The report will address if there should be a new requirement for work permit holders to be able to support co-applying family members.

New rules for work permit in sweden

Citizens of Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea and Uruguay aged 18–30 can also apply for … 2021-02-07 These positions are exempted from the requirement for a work permit to work in Sweden. However, as the regulation is designed for specialists and interns, an application for work and residence permits is required to be sent to the Swedish Migration Agency if the total working period exceeds the restrictions for the respective assignment. 2021-01-07 The requirement is to evaluate whether a Swedish or EU citizen could not be found to fill the job. Under the new proposed rules, employers would be able to skip this step.

KPMG webinar about the legalization on Swedish work permits and the impact A newsletter with the latest news in Swedish and international tax law and related areas. The current Swedish legislation on work and residence permits still results in Present proposals for a new legal basis for work-and residence permits for highly  Applicants with a valid residence permit in Sweden — Avoid weekends, since the decision makers normally work Monday to Friday. Swedworks has assigned the proccesing of work permit applications to our sister company Permizon. Read more.

When coming to Sweden for work, people are often confused as to whether they need to apply for a work permit or if they can simply apply for a work visa instead.
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Once you’ve got a job in Sweden (see Finding a job in Sweden and How to apply for a job in Sweden) and a work permit (see Obtaining a work permit), it’s time to start planning your move. Our 10-step guide takes you through some of the practicalities to keep in mind.

Requirements for a Swedish Work Permit To obtain a Swedish work permit, you must meet the following requirements: Have a valid passport. Be offered employment that complies with the terms set by Swedish collective agreements, or are standard for the occupation. From residence permit for studies to work permit when a student who has passed at least 30 credits or a semester's doctoral education receives a work offer; From a job seeker's permit to a work permit when a student or researcher looking for a job after completing studies or completed research receives a job offer; Particular reasons are required or it is not allowed at all to switch from.

This brochure is intended for you who want to work as an employed person in Sweden. It contains general information about the work and residence permits, 

2013-01-18 Register the marriage in Sweden, at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The Swedish Tax Agency shall issue your partner's extract from the population register with the details of his/her marital status It is important that you register the marriage in Sweden and Serbia / Montenegro before you apply for a residence and work permit. The new rules will mean that researchers and higher education students will be granted a residence permit for at least one year, or a shorter period corresponding to the duration of their research or studies, and that the permit period for researchers and students can be extended. The newly launched rules are to process a first-time work application within 10 business days by certified companies.

Some examples: Sweden's strict legislation around work permits and long processing times have caused difficulties for hundreds of internationals working in Sweden, including employees and entrepreneurs. Some of The Local's readers who were forced to leave Sweden have been able to return by applying from scratch for a new work permit; others have been told To obtain a work permit after your application for asylum has been rejected, you must have started working during your time as an asylum seeker. If you have previously had a temporary residence and work permit and worked in Sweden before applying for asylum, you cannot obtain a new work permit while in Sweden. UK citizens can enter and stay in the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days in any rolling 180-day period.